Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Garth Turner’s in hot water…again

Liberal Party candidate for Halton, Garth Turner, is caught up in another developing controversy. Steve Janke, of Angry in the Great white North blog, has been covering a story which seems to be gaining traction.

Apparently, Turner and/or his campaign workers stage-managed a visit to a Halton resident's home. The encounter was covered by a CPAC crew, who claim that they believed the encounter was supposed to be spontaneous. Later, someone sees the video of the encounter and recognizes the resident as being the son of Turner's campaign manager.

Steve Janke wrote in his popular blog about the apparent deception and the story seems to be growing as Turner now seems to be blaming his own campaign workers.

Who is fooling who? Would CPAC concoct this story to embarrass Turner? Hardly. How then does one square the Turner campaign account with that of CPAC?

You can get the details:

  • here for background and a transcript of a CPAC video on the story; and
  • here for the CPAC video.

Perhaps you can tell who is playing fast and lose with the truth.

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