Friday, September 12, 2008

Empty threats to sue

Apparently the Green Party has been sending out "take down" orders to web sites that posted an audio clip in which Elizabeth May is heard to say that Canadians are stupid—a may bit of the green pot calling the maple leaf kettle black, eh.

The notice claimed (in almost incoherent language) that the audio clip had been doctored and that it slandered May.

Well, turns out TVO, the TV channel from which the audio originally came, has now confirmed that the clip is intact—i.e., those really were her words.

So, has Elizabeth May been caught slandering herself? Or has the Green Party official who issued the take-down notice been telling a lie? Your pick, folks.

This is the second rather empty threat to sue someone on the part of this group—the first being May's reaction to being originally excluded from the leaders' debate.

What a tempest in a teapot! Here is a party that in nearly 30 years has never elected an MP. Should they not be husbanding their resources and focusing their efforts on the precious few campaigning days remaining?

Here's the audio clip  that Stephen Taylor produced from the TVO recording. (It shows Stéphane Dion on the front, but you'll hear Elizabeth May's voice at the end of the recording.)

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  1. Typical of the "foaming" left. In May's case she could even wait for Steve Paikin to finish asking the question before she had to butt in with her 2 cents about Canadians being stupid.

    If this is an example of the TV leaders debate , it will be an utter shambles with May present.