Saturday, September 13, 2008

Empty promises

The Ottawa Citizen today had this to say:

NDP leader Jack Layton said his party is committed to changing the Competition Act and introducing laws requiring full disclosure and explanations of fees for other products and services, such as bank accounts, credit cards and cell phones.

"We'll stop price gouging at the gas pumps with a tough monitoring agency, a gas-prices ombudsman and reform to the competition legislation of this country," Mr. Layton said while campaigning in St. John's, N.L.

"Stephen Harper admits that consumers are hurt by ATM fees and outrageous charges for text messages, but his government has done nothing more than politely voice a concern to his corporate friends."

All very reasonable and high-minded, eh? Problem is, of course, the NDP is almost certain to be returned to parliament as the third or fourth party and Jack Layton will be fighting for his job as leader. So what do these grandiose promises really mean? Just so many empty words.

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