Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Elizabeth May digs herself a deeper hole with latest gaffe

The more Elizabeth May spins and dipsy-doodles, the more she erodes her credibility. This morning she wrote:

I reviewed all this on TVO with Steve Paikin more recently and he confirmed that no one in the room thought I had said Canadians are stupid. In fact, my entire commentary was to make the opposite point.

TVO has countered with this:

In a letter to the Green Party, TVO's director of corporate communications wrote:

< personal a such express Paikin Steve did May Elizabeth with interview 12th September his during point no at that clarify to like would I record, the>

We feel this use of Mr. Paikin’s name – and by extension, that of TVO’s - is inappropriate. We ask that the above mentioned blog posting be corrected, along with any other Green Party of Canada postings or communications of a similar nature.

I hope that clears things up.

I saw her recent appearance on the Agenda show and thought Steve Paikin treated her fairly and gently—this was no hardball interview. Her apparent misrepresentation is appalling.

I now have lost what vestige of respect I had for Ms. May. She must think we Canadians are stupid, otherwise she'd treat us with more respect and stop making up spurious explanations to explain away her own words captured electronically and available for all to hear.

I can hardly wait to hear how she explains this latest gaffe.


  1. She just made her latest gaffe by releasing her campaign platform

    out of NAFTA, increase GST, build railways to everywhere

    Let the game begin.

  2. These econutjobs live in a parallel universe.
    Will Lizzy be capable of bringing herself down to the level where most of us live? nah

  3. I had planned to skip the debates since I can watch the grandkids saying "it's your fault"; "no it's your fault". anytime I want. I don't need to watch, supposed, adults do it.
    But with this twit taking part, I think it will make for the most hilarious night of television that I have seen in years.