Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bidding war for our Canada

A couple of days ago, we heard from the opposition parties, and especially Stéphane Dion, that the surplus is gone and the budget is perilously close to slipping into deficit. They also complained that the Tories have been too generous by handing money back to Canadians, and accused Stephen Harper of irresponsibility in failing to adequately prepare for an economic downturn.

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday, the same opposition leaders were on the campaign trail making multibillion dollar announcements.

The prime minister called their bidding war “mind boggling.”

“If you look at the tens of billions of dollars of announcements they are making, the only way these can be financed are not simply through big increases in taxes that they are already promising, but it would mean deficits—and large deficits,” Mr. Harper said. “We will not go into deficit. That’s the underpinning, the central plank of our policy of fiscal responsibility.”

Mind boggling in deed. If it wasn't a fact that Liberals are known for not keeping campaign promises and that it’s a several million to one bet that Jack Layton will ever get the chance to keep his, I’d be scared to death for the future of our Canada.


  1. and Layton's "surplus" is my over taxation.

    At least Harper is nice enough to not take my money in the first place.

    Dion and Layton think it is their money and they can spend it any way they want to

  2. Today Dion promises to spend $70 billion (seventy) on infrastructure.
    First he takes the surplus (he MAKES a surplus with the carbon tax)
    then he creates a new bank with the (created) surplus and loans it out to ? business/provinces?? at low interest rates, for infrastructure.

    That's right folks... re-create the housing situation in the US, offer loans with NO measurable COLLATERAL.

    How do you reposses a bridge or a highway or a sewage system, if the borrower defaults?