Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Barack Obama campaign slipping?

Has Barack Obama's Campaign peaked and is now in decline? I fear this may be the case.

After the Democratic National Convention I felt all the Democratic party's ducks were in a row and they would steadily increase their lead culminating in an election win. But now I'm much less sure. The wind seems to have gone out of their sails and now favours the John McCain and Sarah Palin ticket.

Not that it's all roses for the Republicans, not by a long shot. The bloom may well be off the Sarah Palin rose. After a video I watched earlier today alleging to show goings on at the church of her baptism, I really have to wonder how in the heck she is going to survive until the vote in November. Seems not all the crazies are Muslims; Christians seem to have their share.

You know, I really think the USA would be better served with a cross-party ticket of Obama/Palin. Never happen, of course, they are worlds apart politically. Although I'd love some way of balancing Obama and getting a more conservative balance into the White House.

Americans rebuked John McCain in favour of George Bush, who is arguably the worst, most self serving president in US history, but now seems ready to pick him over a more decent, talented man who would restore much of the recently lost luster to the American eagle.

It's a funny old world, eh?

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