Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Abortion debate

Stephen Harper is quoted by the Globe and Mail as saying that a Conservative government would not reopen the abortion debate because there are too many other important issues to deal with.

"We have a lot of challenges in front of the country," Mr. Harper said during an announcement about arts and fitness funding for children. "We have a difficult world economy, as we all know. That has to be the focus of the government and I simply have no intention of ever making the abortion question a focus of my political career."

The sad fact of the matter is that to engage in a debate over abortion in Canada is the political equivalent to suicide.

At present, as far as I can tell—and I have searched high and low—there is no law at all covering abortion in Canada . All other western democracies seem to have some form of law covering abortion—are all these countries against the rights of women? Hardly.

In Canada, it is a black and white issue: an unborn child, from conception to just before the moment of birth, can be aborted without breaking the law. That's a sorry fact and I think it is wrong on every level.

The prospect that a six to nine month old fetus can be aborted on anyone's whim is abhorrent to me. Such a prospect should be totally outside the bounds of any civilized society. And, because there is no law covering such a thing, there does not seem to be reliable statistics showing the number of late-term abortions in this country.

Unregulated abortion on demand and government funded/sanctioned is just plain wrong—it is inhuman. Surely, once the fetus has reached the point it could survive outside the womb, we should extend the protection of the law to that child.

It won't happen though. The mere mention that some measure of protection should be extended brings shouts of derision, name-calling and outrage.

Ironic how even a hint that a serial killer or child murderer should be executed by the state is met by the same level of outrage from much the same quarter. The message seems to be that we must keep the scum of our world alive at any cost, but we can destroy an unborn child on the whim of its mother. Mother knows best.

Funny old world that.

[Source: Globe and Mail]


  1. I totally understand your frustration. The progressives have done an excellent job brain-washing us.

  2. Andrew Coyne did a great article challenging us on why we can't discuss abortion in Canada - I quoted from it extensively in this post. Speaking about abortion has become doubleplusungood in just one generation. George Orwell would be proud: we're a bellyfeel nation cowed by threats of crimethink, numbed by prolefeed, and more or less oblivious to the extermination of nonpersons in our midst.