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Donald Harcourt Campbell and Albertha Ambrosine Ramsey

So far, we have covered the first three generations of my Jamaican-Scot Campbell family. In this instalment, we’ll pick up the story by taking a look at my paternal grandfather and his family. Before we continue, however, I’d like to illustrate how inter-connected some Jamaican families are. My great-grandmother Ida Julia Campbell née Brandon, who we covered in an earlier instalment, had a younger sister Edith Brandon (1864-1942). Edith married Benjamin Isaac Pinto.
Now following the Pinto line we get Edith (my great-grandaunt) and Benjamin’s son Vernon Carl Pinto who had a daughter, Lisa Pinto, my 2nd cousin once removed. Lisa Pinto then marries Hon. Ivan Arthur Vaz (1905-1987) and they have Vernon Ivan Vaz who is both my third cousin and my brother-in-law.
And there’s more. Vernon’s dad Hon. Ivan Arthur Vaz had an older sister Lena Elma Vaz (1896-1991) who married Cecil Guy Campbell (1898-1985), my granduncle. In later generations not covered in this sto…

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